Purchasing Policies





 Locally-Grown Food: Whole food products (i.e. vegetables, meat, etc) grown within a 150-mile radius of the City of Greater Sudbury OR value-added food products (i.e. jams, pickles, pies) that are made within 150-mile radius of the CGS AND contain at least one main ingredient grown within a 150-mile radius of the CGS.

Certified Organic Ontario-Grown Food:

Food products that have been certified by a regulatory body as meeting all the requirements of organic food production and that are labelled as such.

Ecologically-Grown Ontario Food:

a) Meat
Humanely-raised (i.e. access to pasture during the summer months and adequate space over the winter) Free of growth hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics
b) Produce
Free from Genetically Modified Organisms (Free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers)

Ontario-Grown Food:

Whole food products grown within the province of Ontario OR value-added food products that are made in Ontario AND contain at least one main ingredient grown within Ontario.

Canadian Made Food:

Food grown and/or processed within Canada, free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), sustainably grown (either ecologically or organically) and independently or cooperatively owned, where as to maintain commitments to local economies. With preference given to those that are grown or processed within the closest distance to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

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